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Sometimes innovation involves boldly looking back in order to move forward

From Relevant to Meaningful

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Originally posted 3 years ago, but I think it’s still relevant now. I’m at a conference, listening to a technophile gush about the latest available tools that schools need to quit blocking. “What’s relevant to kids these days?” “Facebook,” the audience cries out in unison….

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The Food Truck Mindset

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When we think of innovative companies, it’s easy to imagine an open-air tech startup with ping pong tables and free drinks and huge windows and chairs so modern you’re not sure how you’re supposed to sit in them. Sometimes I look at those spaces and think,…

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The Paradox of Play

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Christy and I are picking orange blossoms. Unlike the desert plants, the blossoms don’t affect my allergies one bit. Between the heavy scent and the thrill of dodging bees, it is hard to imagine that anything else exists in our world beyond the moment. We…

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