Projects and Resources

If you’re starting out with project-based learning, design thinking, or inquiry-based learning, you might be thinking, “where do I even start?” You might want to try one of these free projects, mini-projects, or other classroom resources. Most of these projects include slideshows, videos, and handouts. Plus, they’re aligned to the Common Core Standards!

Maker Project

This maker project is a math-focused Tiny House project, where students learn proportional reasoning, volume, and surface area as they work on a hands-on project.

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Design Thinking Project

Curious about design thinking? Here’s a way to introduce the LAUNCH process to students in the first week of school. Your students will work on designing a sport.

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Divergent Thinking Mini-Project

Students need to think divergently and this mini-challenge helps students learn to think outside the box. You can do this in one class period and watch your students grow as divergent thinkers.

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Wonder Day

If you’re new to inquiry-based learning, this project is a great first step. Students can walk through an open inquiry process in a single day or in a week (there are two versions). Plus, it’s aligned to the standards.

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Suite of Assessments

This suite of assessments includes templates for individual assessments, peer assessments, and teacher-directed assessments. It includes the five-minute teacher conferencing system.

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100 Writing Prompts

Creativity can work in all subjects when students are inspired and empowered. This is why I’ve created video prompts and visual to spark creative thinking in all subjects.

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