Own Your Professional Learning

Professional development is happens when you gain new skills, expand your worldview, and improve your conceptual understanding within your profession. It involves attitudes, beliefs, mindsets, and values. It goes to the core of your professional identity. And ultimately, there are specific ways that you can own your professional learning. In this series, we explore how to make that a reality.

Empowered Teachers Empower Students

Right now, teachers all over the world are meeting in small groups, doing book studies to refine their practice. Without prompting from a district or a principal, they are are taking ownership of their learning. They own their learning.

Go to Twitter at any given moment and you’ll see teachers wrestling with big ideas, engaging in deep discussions about how to transform their practice. Some of these are formal chats. Others are doing it informally. They own their learning. 

Meanwhile, teachers are making things from scratch. They are experimenting with new ideas, diving deep into the maker culture, and building new things. In some cases, they’re not building stuff. They’re building movements and making change. They own their learning.

These teachers are reading books and blog posts. They’re watching YouTube videos to get ideas. They’re listening to podcasts and audiobooks. They own their learning.

Many of these activities don’t count as official “professional development.” They can’t be used to get hours for re-certification. But they are all prime examples of what happens when teachers own their learning.

How to Own Your Professional Learning

The following are the articles I’ve written on how to own your professional learning. Note that I continue to update this and revise this, so be sure to bookmark this page an come back to revisit it periodically.

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