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I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work with pre-service teachers who will enter the classroom in the next few years. Teachers are awesome. So, with that in mind, the following is a video I created as a back-to-school video. You can check it out on my YouTube Channel or if you’d like to share it on Facebook, there’s the Facebook video on my Facebook page.

Here’s the transcript:

Right now, there’s a kindergarten teacher perusing the aisles of Target. Even though he still has two more weeks of summer break, he is already dreaming up ways to make his students feel welcome. His classroom will be a refuge. For a few kids, it will be the only place where they truly feel safe.

Because of a teacher.

There’s a language arts teacher who will take a week and give up her lunch period – those blessed 26 minutes to scarf down a meal – in order to help a student learn how to read. And although the progress is slow, he will become a reader.

Because of a teacher.

There’s a math teacher who will have a room full of kids who claim that they’re “just not good at math.” By the end of the year, his kids will be geeking out over ways to solve complex problems. They’ll see that math can be creative and even fun. And they will become problem-solvers.

Because of a teacher.

There’s a science teacher who will inspire her students to chase after their questions and on one afternoon they’ll be so excited about their experiments that they won’t even notice the bell ring. And they will become scientists . . .

Because of a teacher.

There are history teachers who will inspire students to record history and a group of PE teachers who will encourage kids to get more active. There are technology teachers who will help kids send their work to the world and fine arts teachers who will help kids find their creative voice. There are foreign language teachers who will be helping kids communicate globally and CTE teachers who will help prepare kids for all kinds of jobs

And there’s this teacher librarian who will see the students as children and not data. He’s creating a makerspace while also inspiring kids to fall in love with reading. And they will become life-long learners . . .

Because of a teacher.

And right now, there’s a 4th-grade teacher with a scribbled up yellow legal pad. She’s dreaming up wild new projects. And even though she jokes about not wanting to go back, she is secretly excited about meeting her new group students.

This is her 27th year and she’s still taking creative risks. To her, it’s no big deal. It’s what she does. But it’s a big deal to her students. To them, she is a hero. This year, she will make her students’ world epic, like she always does.

They will remember her forever and she will change the world in ways that she cannot even fathom.

And all of this will happen . . .

Because of a teacher.

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