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Earlier this month, I published Vintage Innovation.

This has been a labor of love over the last two years. I have interviewed hundreds of teachers, read all kinds of research, and spent time thinking deeply about this topic. Vintage Innovation is a big idea book. It doesn’t read like an instruction manual or a research tome. I don’t believe there is a recipe for innovation. My goal is to provide tools and share stories. This is why the book also includes access to a toolkit packed with lesson plans, templates, blueprints, and protocols that you can modify for your own environment. The following video is a short explanation of the big idea:

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Vintage Innovation redefines innovation not as “new and flashy” but as “better and different.” It isn’t a rejection of new approaches or cutting-edge technology so much as an embrace of the old and the new. It’s the overlap of the “tried and true” and the “never tried.” It’s a mash-up of lo-fi tech and new tech. It’s the idea of finding relevance by looking back and looking forward. It’s a focus on timeless skills in new contexts. It’s the idea that innovation happens when teachers take a both/and approach as they empower their students in the present to prepare them for an uncertain future.

A few people have asked me if I would run a Vintage Innovation book club. So, I thought I would launch that in February.

The Vintage Innovation Book Club

I will be running the Vintage Innovation online book club. Here are the details:

When will it run?

The book club will run from February 7th through March 14th. This gives you plenty of time to purchase your book ahead of time.

Where will it occur?

The book club will run on a private Facebook group. After filling out the form below, you will receive an email with details about how to join either group.

Who is invited?

Anyone who wants to discuss the core ideas of the book in an interactive setting.

How do I sign up?

Please sign up below in this form. I recommend using your personal email because school emails sometimes get caught in the spam filter.


Would you like to run an in-person book club?

If you’re interested in running a school-wide in-person Vintage Innovation book club, I have a free study guide that you can access. Simply fill out the form below and you’ll get the PDF with questions for each chapter. You can also email me at [email protected] for information on bulk pricing.

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