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With the emergence of generative AI, we now have newer concerns around deep fakes and misinformation. Older, more traditional approaches simply won’t work given the new media landscape. In this podcast episode, I interview an educational technology expert and professor Alec Couros. He offers some insights regarding the changes in AI and talks about how we might need to shift toward a more critical mindset and use lateral reading as we move into this new world of generative AI.

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About Dr. Couros

Dr. Alec Couros is a Professor of educational technology and media and the Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Regina. Dr. Couros is internationally recognized as a leader and innovator in areas such as open education, networked learning, digital citizenship, artificial intelligence, and critical media literacy, as is evidenced by the hundreds of workshops and presentations that he has given around the globe. An award-winning educator, his graduate and undergraduate courses have given thousands of teachers the skills and knowledge to transform their pedagogical practice through the thoughtful integration of educational technologies.


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