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Decades ago futurists predicted that we would someday have flying cars. It was the dream of our science fiction books, video games, and movies. But here we are right now with no flying cars. So, will we ever have flying cars? If we did what would they look like? Would they be similar to a plane? To a drone? To a normal car? Would they convert from wheels to wings? How would they navigate our world? would they run on autopilot? How many people could they hold? What type of technology would we need to perfect in order to make them a viable option? What safety features would they need to have? How would you prevent deadly accidents? How would you help guarantee privacy as they fly over homes and neighborhoods? How would you keep these flying cars eco-friendly and what kind of energy source would they use? Consider these social and cultural elements of flying cars. How would these flying cars change city layouts in buildings and how would those changes impact the way we interact with each other on a daily basis? After thinking through all of these things answer the driving questions “Will flying cars ever become a reality? Why or why not?”

John Spencer

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  • Zeke says:

    I think it will be a thing but only for special forces like the military or the FBI because there’s more cons then pros, such as no privacy, deadly crashes, bad for the environment. But yes i think it will be ab thing just not for a regular ordinary person to use, it will take practice and responsibility and that’s not trusted of everyone so they wouldn’t take the risk.

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