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Over 100 visual and video writing prompts for grades 6-8. Here’s a one-minute preview video:

One of the best aspects of being a teacher is watching students go from saying, “I hate writing,” to being so passionate about writing that they refuse to stop when the bell rings. In these moments, it can feel like magic. While there are many ways to spark the love of writing, one of my favorite strategies is a video or visual writing prompt. For over a decade, I have been creating authentic, teacher-tested writing prompts to spark the love of writing with even the most reluctant writer.

Right now, you can download a set of 100+ writing prompts (plus 30 video prompts) for free. Simply add your email address and click “submit” and I’ll send you a PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF with the prompts.

Creative Writing Prompts

Some of the prompts focus on creative writing, like this prompt:

Personal Narrative

Other prompts use creative methods to help students feel safe sharing their story.

Persuasive Prompts

Other posts focus on persuasive techniques

Or this video prompt:

Social-Emotional Learning

Some of the prompts help guide students in self-reflection and social-emotional learning.

Creative Thinking

I also include prompts to spark creative thinking:

Science and Social Studies Integration

Some of the prompts tie into social studies, like this one:

Others connect to science:

Get the writing prompts:

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