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In this episode, Betsy Potash shares how to use hexagonal thinking to improve classroom discussions. She walks you through some of the potential applications at various grade levels with different subject areas.

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About Betsy Potash

After teaching English at every high school grade level, Betsy Potash shifted gears to channel her experience and love for education into making the way easier for creative teachers. She blogs, podcasts, and stirs up creative social media from her home in Bratislava, where she lives with her husband, two kiddos, and little cat, Phoenix. She can usually be found drinking chai latte with her laptop in a Slovak coffee shop, rollerblading (yes, it’s still a sport!), or spending time in Budapest or Prague with her family. Betsy’s work can be found in the English Journal, Independent School Magazine, Edutopia, We are Teachers, Read Write Think, Bored Teachers, Cult of Pedagogy, and even linked in The New York Times. She wakes up every day excited to help support you in making your classroom a place you love to be.
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